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International Trade

Call center founder has become a $10M steward of the community

Brad Kane |

Wallace Andrews has established and operated call centers all over the world first for Minnesota camera maker Polaroid and then Massachusetts computer company Digital Equipment Corp. before striking...

Toys R Us to liquidate U.S. operations, close six Central Mass. stores

Zachary Comeau |

Just weeks after announcing plans to close 182 stores, including four in Central Massachusetts, Toys R Us is now planning to end its U.S. operations.

L.S. Starrett suspends quarterly dividend

Zachary Comeau |

Athol precision measuring and cutting tools manufacturer L.S. Starrett suspending its quarterly dividend program indefinitely.

Psychemedics records $6.1M annual profit

Zachary Comeau |

Thanks to what the company says is a hot Brazilian market, Acton drug hair testing firm Psychemedics is reporting a 2017 profit of $6.1 million.

ReWalk secures $20M investment after $24.7M annual loss

Zachary Comeau |

Marlborough-headquartered ReWalk Robotics recorded a $24.7-million loss in 2017, but scored a $20-million investment from a Chinese group this week.

Lawsuit claims Hologic infringed patents, violated antitrust laws

Zachary Comeau |

Marlborough health imaging company Hologic is being sued by Japanese photography and imaging company Fujifilm for patent infringement and violating U.S. antitrust laws.

Wachusett Brewing partners with former Guinness brewer

Wachusett Brewing Co. in Westminster has partnered with a renowned Irish beermaker to release a New England-style stout, his first partnership with a U.S. craft brewer.

Biostage's first human throat implant successful, autopsy shows

Zachary Comeau |

Biostage, a Holliston-based biotech specializing in regenerative medicine to treat diseases of the throat, announced on Tuesday its first esophageal implant resulted in a regenerated esophageal tube.

TelexFree conspirator sentenced to 33 months in prison

A man who led authorities to $20 million hidden in a mattress has been sentenced to 33 months of prison time for his role in the TelexFree pyramid scheme.

Virtusa's $20M tax bill results in $8M quarterly loss

Despite revenues increasing by 6 percent, Westborough business consulting and information-technology firm Virtusa said it lost almost $8 million in its third quarter largely due to the impact of tax...

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