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Central Mass. communities have different philosophies for tax breaks

Grant Welker |

A Worcester Business Journal investigation shows a broad range of practices in how communities use — or don't — tax breaks for development.

Why LakePharma left a Worcester project for Hopkinton, allowing a Chinese competitor to take its place

Zachary Comeau |

LakePharma company was going to bring 150 jobs to Worcester, but a Chinese competitor took its place after the company decided it couldn't wait any longer and moved to Hopkinton.

MetroWest adds 308K square feet of biotech space

Grant Welker |

MetroWest drastically expanded its biotech footprint last year, largely thanks to a single lease: Astellas Pharma moving into Westborough.

Westborough Nissan dealership sold for $3.2M to Prime Motor Group

A former Nissan dealership on 2.6 acres on Turnpike Road in Westborough has been sold for $3.2 million to the owners of Westwood-based Prime Motor Group.

Greendale Mall, valued at $13M, is for sale

Zachary Comeau |

The owners of the Greendale Mall are looking for a buyer less than three years after purchasing the mostly empty mall for $11.8 million in 2016.

Idiosyncratic WooSox stadium may include diner car

Grant Welker |

Planners are still working on a design for a new Worcester ballpark. It may include a diner car. What it won't include: a Green Monster replica.

Luxury apartments in Shrewsbury, Southborough sold for $77M

Zachary Comeau |

Two luxury apartment complexes in Southborough and Shrewsbury, built by the same developer between 2010 and 2013, have been sold to a Stoneham property management firm for a combined $77 million.

Westborough awards 12 companies for economic development

The Westborough Economic Development Committee has honored 12 companies and organizations for helping to grow the town's economy in 2018.

Two Leominster properties sell for $2M each

Grant Welker |

The Arts of Beads building and a CVS store have sold for a combined $5.05 million

Marijuana grower appeals Charlton site plan denial

Zachary Comeau |

The proposed operator of a 1-million-square-foot cannabis cultivation facility is suing the Charlton Planning Board after it denied the company's site plan earlier this month.

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