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State lawmakers begin sports betting talks after SCOTUS ruling

State House News Service |

Monday's ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court that states are free to legalize sports betting opened the door to the possibility of a further expansion of gaming in Massachusetts.

Kevin Perry sentenced to 14 years in prison

Zachary Comeau |

Kevin Perry, the former owner of The Usual and Blackstone Tap, has been sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for using those eateries and other properties to launder opioid sale proceeds.

City councilor to request delay on flavored tobacco regulations

Zachary Comeau |

A Worcester city councilor is now asking city officials to hold off on implementation of Board of Health regulations that would restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products to adult-only...

Acacia Communications' shares rise after Trump signals end to Chinese firm's sanctions

Zachary Comeau |

Shares of Maynard-based communications equipment manufacturer Acacia Communications opened nearly $6 higher Monday after President Donald Trump indicated that he wants to resume doing business with a...

Ameresco acquires D.C.-based engineering firm

Framingham-based renewable and efficient energy firm Ameresco has acquired a Washington, D.C. engineering and consulting firm.

Trump pledges action on prescription drug costs

Sate House News Service |

Prescription drugs, which are eating up more health care dollars, are the target of new cost control efforts by President Donald Trump, who said Friday that fixing "unacceptable" prices is one of his...

Time to get smart on Mass. sales tax

The Massachusetts economy is continuing to strengthen. Since the state budget covers two years, now is the time to take a reasonable portion of that prosperity and feed it back into the local economy...

Gateway City holds huge potential


Worcester is designated a Gateway City by state law, which creates an economic boost through increased funds for development.

101: Finding talent


Hiring is never an easy task for an employer – especially if a recruiter is not in the budget. For large companies, less-bureaucratic small businesses may be luring your potential...

Organizations should think ahead when lining up their next leader

Grant Welker |

That lack of advance planning makes a difference to the bottom line.

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