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Say nice things about Trump

Personally, I find the way Trump conducts himself to be shameful, and his policies are mean-spirited and self-serving; but as professional journalists, we need to understand both sides and tell our...

The most influential people in the Central Mass. economy

In compiling our annual list of the most powerful people in the Central Massachusetts business community, there are countless CEOs, executive directors, presidents and founders to choose, from...

Healey: Labor laws unchanged in Mass. despite SCOTUS ruling

State House News Service |

Attorney General Maura Healey issued guidance in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that non-union public employees cannot be required to pay certain union fees.

Gov. Baker signs minimum wage, paid leave bill

State House News Service |

Gov. Charlie Baker signed a new law Thursday that could affect virtually every resident of Massachusetts, a week after lawmakers settled months of negotiations over proposed ballot questions that...

Fallon Health expanding low-income senior program in Berkshires

Worcester nonprofit health insurer Fallon Health is expanding a program for people in Western Massachusetts who receive both Medicaid and Medicare benefits.

Group could drop $15 an hour minimum wage ballot question

The coalition of more than 100 labor, community and faith-based groups behind a proposed ballot question to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour has agreed to drop that question from the ballot if a...

National Grid, unions at odds; workers locked out

State House News Service |

About 1,100 gas workers were locked out of their National Grid work sites Monday, according to the heads of two United Steel Workers locals.

10 THINGS I Know About ... GDPR compliance

Michelle Drolet |

GDPR only applies to protecting personal data of European Union citizens wherever they reside, but putting teeth in policies to help avoid identity theft benefits everyone.

Embrace the grand bargain

We've previously said a $15 minimum wage would be an important step forward for the state's businesses, and the grand bargain smartly spreads the increase over five years.

Worcester's overhyped renaissance

Grant Welker |

Long caught in Boston's shadow and for decades trying to forge a new reputation for itself, Worcester is eager to find reasons to tout its economic progress – even if it is just a new...

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