February 4, 2019
10 things

10 Things We Know About ... Business learned from selling Girl Scout cookies

The Girl Scouts of Central & Western Massachusetts' Girl Leadership Board is comprised of 21 girl scouts, ranging from 5th grade to high school seniors. The 14 leaders who wrote this column are Desiree, Felicia, Ana, Ella, Emily, Jasmine, Rose, Gwen, Makenna, Mary, Morgan, Samantha, Alana, and Addison. Visit www. gscwm.org.

10) Present yourself and your product in the best light. Potential customers need to see your good intentions reflected in your presentation. Yes, you need to know your product, but you need to know how to showcase it. Your attitude and your advertising should reflect your goals.

9) Always consider the customer experience. Remember the times you didn't receive good customer service or you were treated poorly? Don't be that person!

8) Master the art of the re-direct. Don't resign yourself to the first 'No.' For example: Customer, "I'm on a diet!" Cookie seller, "You can donate your Thin Mints to our local military personnel!"

7) Handle rejection with grace. Some people just aren't buying what you're selling. Accept it and move on. It's not personal!

6) Have a plan. From setting up your location to managing inventory, keep your bottom line in mind. What is your overarching goal? How much time do you have to achieve it? Then break it down in manageable parts.

5) Dress for success. In our line of work that means weather-tech clothes to protect from the elements and wearing hand-warmers inside your gloves on top of your hand so you can still work your fingers. Invest in what helps you do your best and look like you mean it.

4) Understand your selling environment. Especially for business owners with multiple locations, what works in one city may not resonate with your rural community. It's imperative you know the environment.

3) Capitalize on your success and use your team. Everyone has their strengths. Evaluate the skillset of your team and assign positions accordingly. When you've hit on a great idea or successful location, do more of that.

2) Persevere and don't burn out. Not every day is going to be a banner sale day. When you experience a challenging time, recall your overarching goal and commit yourself to moving forward.

1) Look for the occasion or holiday pairing your business or product with a customer's needs. Girl Scout cookies for Valentine's Day, anyone?


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