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Hologic to lay off 35 N.Y. workers, move production to Marlborough

August 7, 2018
Photo | Google
Photo | Google
Hologic's Marlborough location

Marlborough medical device firm Hologic is closing a subsidiary's New York manufacturing facility and laying off 35 employees.

Production of the company's Cynosure facility in Hicksville, N.Y. will be transferred to locations in Marlborough and Costa Rica when the facility closes in January, Hologic spokesperson Jane Mazur said in an email.

The facility has been controlled by Hologic since March 22 when Hologic completed a $1.65-billion acquisition of Westford-based Cynosure.

The facility had been controlled by Cynosure only since September 2014 when Cynosure acquired Hicksville radiofrequency medical device maker Ellman International for $13.2 million.

Impacted employees will be offered outplacement assistance and severance benefits, Mazur said.

Hologic on July 31 said its third quarter profit spiked by almost 90 percent to $112.9 million while revenues ticked up 2 percent to $824 million.

Simultaneous to its earnings report, Hologic increased its 2018 revenue guidance from a cap of $3.21 billion to $3.22 billion.