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Notre Dame group files for injunction to delay demolition

June 13, 2018
Photo | Grant Welker
Photo | Grant Welker
The Notre Dame des Canadiens church.

Not so fast, say advocates who want to save the Notre Dame church from the wrecking ball.

Less than 24 hours after the Worcester City Council took no vote on three motions to spare the church from being demolished to make way for new development by owner City Square II, an injunction has been filed in Worcester Superior Court to again delay the demolition.

The Save Notre Dame Alliance's lawsuit claims a legally required impact review process must be completed. The building is listed on the state's Inventory of Historic and Archaeological Assets, and any demolition of such properties using state funds requires a public review by state agencies to explore alternatives.

The filing claims the company did not file a required notice with the state Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs or the state Historical Commission to initiate the review.

A court hearing is set for 2 p.m. Thursday. If successful, demolition could again be delayed pending the lawsuit.

In a statement, Ted Conna of Save Notre Dame Alliance said he's hopeful an alternative to demolition will be found after the review process.

"If that happens, Notre Dame would add both economic and cultural value to everything around it," he said. "But even if the review process does not produce any new solution to save Notre Dame, we felt it was important on principle to defend the law."

A Hanover spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment.