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UMass Medical School chosen for expert opinions

June 13, 2018
The UMass Medical School has clinical profesionals that review disability cases in Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire and now Washington.

The UMass Medical School has been chosen to give expert medical opinions on disability retirement applications for the state of Washington.

UMass clinical professionals will have their hands full with a big retirement system. Washington's Department of Retirement Systems oversees nearly 758,000 current and former public employees in 15 retirement plans with $4 billion in annual payments to local government workers such as teachers, police officers and firefighters.

The UMass Medical School's Disability Evaluation Services already handles more than 40,000 evaluations annually, including for cases in Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri and New Hampshire, according to UMass, which announced the deal on Wednesday. The department includes 75 licensed clinical professionals who review medical records to make recommendations on disability payments.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems," UMass Medical School Disability Evaluation Services Director Frank Joyce said in a statement. "We look forward to working together to deliver high-quality reviews and recommendations."