March 12, 2018

Bose debuts audio augmented reality platform

Bose's audio augmented reality platform prototype is a pair of sunglasses.

Framingham tech giant Bose is stepping into the augmented reality game with a pair of sunglasses, but it's not what you see that makes these shades different.

The Bose AR platform was introduced last week at the Austin-based South by Southwest Film Festival and will debut in a pair of sunglasses using sensors to track head motion and global positioning systems from a smartphone to send real-time, relevant information to small but efficient speakers built into the glasses.

The prototype sunglasses were announced in a press release by the company last week.

Unlike other augmented reality products and platforms, Bose AR doesn't change what you see, but knows what you're looking at— without an integrated lens or phone camera, the company said.

"And rather than superimposing visual objects on the real world, Bose AR adds an audible layer of information and experiences, making every day better, easier, more meaningful and more productive."

The shades and AR platform are designed to be virtually touch free, with voice commands or simple head movements controlling the majority of the features, according to Bose.

The company is currently partnering with several developers and manufacturers, including ASICS, Studio, Strava, TripAdvisor, TuneIn and Yelp.

The company is prepared to invest up to $50 million in startups focused on apps, services or technologies for the platform, Bose said.


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