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Autism services agency BCI rebrands

February 14, 2018
A new logo, tagline and website rolled out by Central Massachusetts autism services provider Behavioral Concepts Inc. are more reflective of the services and expertise, according to a company statement.

Central Massachusetts autism services provider Behavioral Concepts Inc. (BCI) has rebranded, with a new logo, tagline and website, the company announced Friday.

BCI, which has offices in Worcester and Fitchburg, has updated its original logo, which used symbolism such as primary colors for children and puzzle pieces for autism. The new logo bears some resemblance to the previous logo, but is an evolution of the prior "Sun" logo, where the sun's rays have been moved inside the C and shown in a contrasting lime green color.

Founder and CEO Jeffrey Robinson, who participated in the design, used the sun symbol to represent giving families a sense of promise and hope, as well as transition from darkness into light. In the new logo, the sun symbolizes light and hope, as well as becoming MORE.

The company also has a new tagline of "Discover more. Learn more. BE MORE," and a new website and URL, http://bciaba.com, with enhanced user-friendliness as well as design.

The rebrand began in early 2017 and is aimed at better representing the agency's expertise and services, BCI said.

"The entire rebrand process was quite involved and included an in-depth analysis of our goals and company culture, as well as positioning for anticipated growth. Our rebrand reinforces our commitment to be the best in the profession by providing the highest level of service and support to children and their families," Robinson said in the statement.