February 8, 2018

Cumberland Farms survey: pineapple belongs on pizza

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Westborough-based Cumberland Farms has decided that pineapple definitely does belong on pizza.

The debate is over: Pineapple definitely belongs on pizza.

That is according to Westborough-based convenience and gasoline retailer Cumberland Farms, which on Thursday released the results of a survey to promote the store's pizza offerings ahead of Friday's National Pizza Day.

When asked if pineapple belongs on pizza, 65 percent of respondents said they like the warm tropical fruit on their slices. Another 35 percent of respondents said Hawaiian pizza is their favorite kind of pizza.

The survey also revealed the other interesting pizza habits of humanity: 85 percent said they like cold, leftover pizza for breakfast.

A majority - 52 percent - said pizza is perfectly fine as just pizza and doesn't need to be dipped in ranch.

Get your fork and knife away from the pizza, survey takers said, as 92 percent said pizza should forever be eaten with your hands.


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