September 4, 2017
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10 Things I know about recruiting top talent from colleges

Koppi is the executive director of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Career Development Center. Reach him at

10) Remember the nuts and bolts of recruiting. Take an imaginary walk through your organization's recruitment process. Has your company mastered fundamentals like defining requirements, tracking applicants, scheduling interviews, following up with candidates?

9) Tell your story. Think of recruiting as a marketing process. Is your organization generating awareness, interest, decisions and action with students?

8) Audit for unconscious bias. Take a closer look at your culture, business practices and messaging to address biases working against you.

7) Influence the influencers. Find innovative ways, working with the university's career services office, to reach students through on-campus organizations, advisors and faculty.

6) Manage your online presence. Craft a vibrant and engaging online presence, but watch for over-selling. Ideally, you want students to easily obtain authentic, useful information about your company.

5) Focus on value. Look for value in the recruiting process. Is your company tracking offer and accept rates? Where does your organization find the best talent?

4) Make diversity a strategic priority. To put it bluntly, without a commitment to diversity, your company will miss out on hiring talented students.

3) Practice high-touch branding and visibility. Clever use of technology is essential, but data shows the quality of person-to-person interaction can be a deciding factor for top candidates.

2) Leverage multiple engagements on campus. Organizations with the best hiring records have multiple engagements, such as hosting a student project and participating in career fairs.

1) Utilize the career services office. You'll find professionals who are experts in navigating the interplay between industry and academia.


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