September 4, 2017

101:Motivating employees to train

Ready … set … train!

If only it could be that easy to get employees excited about professional development sessions and ramped up for the knowledge to come. Some employees, of course, may like a break from the normal routine and welcome learning something new. Others will see it as a chore and straggle unwillingly to the training space, making it more difficult to engage them in the process. Here are some ways to help team members see training as a clear benefit.

Don't bore them to death. "Nobody likes to read long, dry, text-heavy materials," points out an article at Videos may be a better way to communicate, or text that is at least broken up with graphics or images, so it can be read in segments. Your company's marketing department can likely lend a helping hand in making materials more user-friendly.

Gamify it. People enjoy competition, and it doesn't matter if it's for a vacation day, money, pins, stickers or even just office bragging rights. "If there's some sort of prize or reward at the end of the tunnel, they're more likely to fully invest in the pursuit," says Rewards can be as simple or complex as your imagination (and budget) allow.

Answer the WIIFM question "What's in it for me?" in regard to employees. Stressing the relevance of the learning and how it's directly linked to an employee's work is a key driver in getting them motivated, writes Jamie Lawrence at "Strengthen the link between knowledge transferred and tasks performed," he writes. When team members see the bigger picture, they will be better focused, feel more valued and get more engaged in the materials presented.


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