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UMass Memorial Medical Center and Harrington Hospital have both installed metal detectors at their emergency rooms, and UMass has instituted active-shooter training since an incident last year in which a Harrington nurse was stabbed by a patient.
Do you believe your workplace to be safe from potential violence?

05/02/18 AT 04:41 PM
Too often too much emphasis is put onto preventing outside threats coming into business rather than securing threats from individuals within the organization

05/02/18 AT 04:41 PM
The streets of Worcester are a different story

05/02/18 AT 04:41 PM
We have increased security quite a bit, but I am still concerned that particularly ex employees may still be able to access the building during work hours.

05/02/18 AT 04:41 PM
We are located in a very rural area. We have electronic access alert, guard dogs, and all personnel are required to carry side arms. We have monthly comparative target practice on our private shooting range.
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