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Two nor'easters in as many weeks took out power to thousands and closed hundreds of schools and businesses. Usually bustling downtown areas were ghost towns last Thursday after more than a foot of snow was dumped on the region, and another storm threatens to do the same this week.
What is your company’s policy on coming to work during or in the aftermath of a snowstorm?

03/14/18 AT 03:00 PM
nobody should be out on the roads unless absolutely necessary, let the road crews actually clear the roads... unless you live in Gardner...the roads are total crap this morning!

03/14/18 AT 03:00 PM
We work from home on snow days; our customers expect us to be open, so we bring our computers home

03/14/18 AT 03:00 PM
Empower your employees to work from any location and it won't matter if they're in the office or not. It's 2018, use the technology.

03/14/18 AT 03:00 PM
Combination of the Stay home but work scenario.

03/14/18 AT 03:00 PM
Yes, we do live in New England and if people can safely get to/from work and the employer can ensure that its employees will have what they need to provide its work for consumers/clients or their services to be received safe appropriate manor; meaning that workers/volunteers can do their job safely then the employer should allow work to continue in a fashion which reflects on the work itself and varied situations of the workers.

03/13/18 AT 12:03 PM
Everyone who can works from home. Those who can't have to take PTO. We have service crews, sales reps and installers on the road so everybody has to be rescheduled, which is not good for business and frustrating for customers.

03/13/18 AT 12:03 PM
Walk-in customers in this weather are not likely. I have the calls transferred to my phone to follow up with any calls if necessary. I can transfer the call to the brokers.

03/13/18 AT 10:49 AM
We usually have the employees take a partial day's work home with them before the storm.

03/13/18 AT 10:48 AM
Hospital - need to be open

03/13/18 AT 10:47 AM
Our company has designed our tech so that everybody can work from home, including answering phones and communicating with each other. Staying at home whenever Worcester Public Schools are cancelled enables us to test our processes in case of a disaster.
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