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The College of the Holy Cross Board of Trustees voted on Feb. 3 to keep the school's Crusader name after almost a year of discussion, but the school's newspaper voted to change its name to “The Spire.” Proponents of the change said the term not only references the Medieval Holy Wars, but also links to the Ku Klux Klan, which calls its official newspaper “The Crusader.”
Would your company consider changing its name or brand if it had a connection to an undesirable event or ideology?

02/13/18 AT 03:36 PM
Inform the audience of what the real issue is, inform yourselves of the stakeholders and your risks, and reform if it is necessary. You may not need to conform if you perform.

02/13/18 AT 11:18 AM
Some people seem to be looking for ways to be offended regardless of the intent. I can (within reason) name my company what I want and they can choose not to do business with me because the name offends them. It's called freedom

02/13/18 AT 11:18 AM
You can micro analyze this and if you can probably come up with a reason why Holy Cross should have changed. However, there are very few "absolutes"

02/13/18 AT 11:18 AM
Very tired of the perpetually offended. Get a grip folks.

02/13/18 AT 11:18 AM
For Corporations and Businesses, name recognition and Branding is vital. There are many events that could happen that may effect "it"

02/13/18 AT 11:18 AM
Anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments are so widespread that we should take care to be respectful and charitable.

02/13/18 AT 11:18 AM
If the name/brand has been associated with the company for more than 25 years and has recognition in the business or consumer world, I would not change. People just need to get over it.
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