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As the world becomes increasingly digital, social media is playing an important role in business marketing and customer service efforts, giving companies a chance to reach out to individual customers instantaneously.
How important is social media to your company?

02/13/18 AT 11:18 AM
Apparently we are socially inept. We have yet to see the value of paying FANG to partake in the flood of noise in social media. The lack of credible sources for marketing, and for credible news, is a major business opportunity.

02/06/18 AT 02:56 PM
Social media is an important avenue to reach a sizable portion of our market. Segments of our audience like to receive their information via different means.

02/06/18 AT 02:56 PM
For non-retail companies, especially, tech, services, and startups, it's the only way to start!

02/06/18 AT 02:56 PM
Social media is very frustrating because one unhappy customer can really wreak havoc with your on-line reputation and it's very time-consuming. That said, in today's world if you're not actively publicizing your business on several sites you're really missing the boat on a lot of levels.

02/06/18 AT 02:56 PM
with being a very small local business the use of hyper- local newspapers and word of mouth have been excellent ways to grow our business.

02/06/18 AT 10:37 AM
Social media is an effective, low-cost way to regularly bring traffic to our blog and web site. It allows us to connect with our customers directly, wherever they are. It also allows us to publicly, instantly respond when situations change--weather, emergencies, local team sports celebrations, whatever. It's just part of being in the communities we live in and serve.
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