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In a poll released in November by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News, 48 percent of female workers said they had personally experienced an unwanted sexual advance or physical harassment of a sexual nature at work. In a Pew Research Center poll this month, 66 percent said they found such harassment to mainly reflect widespread problems in society.
Are you concerned about sexual harassment being a problem in your workplace?

12/20/17 AT 01:01 PM
Harassment happens. It will continue to even after all of this, but some of the things that are reported as being harassment are not. Getting asked out when you are not interested is not harassment. Being told you look nice by someone you may not know that well, is not harassment. There are HORRIBLE predators out there that have done HORRENDOUS things. Let's not minimize those issues by mudding the waters with trivial crap, like when people say so and so hit on me. Ya, SO WHAT? Just because you're not interested doesn't make it harassment. I am a woman, and that is my opinion.

12/19/17 AT 05:51 PM
One more thing for a business owner to focus on instead of serving their customers.

12/19/17 AT 05:50 PM
There isn't a problem that I'm aware of in my current workplace, but in other workplaces there has been. As a woman of 60, I find it interesting to see younger women speaking up against something we were so used to sometimes it didn't even bear thinking about. It was just the way it was. Thank goodness the times, they are a'changin'!

12/19/17 AT 05:50 PM
Over the course of my caree,r I've seen sexual harassment take place many times. Victims chose to remain silent and managers turned a blind eye for fear of political backlash, retribution and being seen as weak, irrational or dishonest.

12/19/17 AT 05:49 PM
The bias, discrimination and harassment is widespread and ingrained in our culture. Changing this will be a long and divisive process. Thankfully, it has already begun, and the movement has a lot of support. Changes such as this will fuel our revolution.

12/19/17 AT 05:49 PM
When reported, incidents are handled quickly and decisively. There may be underreported incidents that HR never hears about in any workplace. In the most recent news, it has taken some people years before they come forward fearing for their job.

12/19/17 AT 11:37 AM
Bullying behavior/harassment, which can be just as devastating as sexual harassment

12/19/17 AT 11:14 AM
No. Our insurance against harassment claims is we don't hire women.

12/19/17 AT 11:13 AM
I'm less concerned about being a target of harassment than about the men I work with unintentionally doing something that could be interpreted as harassment. We are having an awareness training for the whole company, with separate sessions for the men and for the women.
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