Fitchburg company ships non-lethal projectiles to Canadian police

BY Zachary Comeau

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will now be equipped with these projectiles.

A precision medical device and law enforcement equipment contract manufacturer in Fitchburg has supplied non-lethal projectiles to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the company announced this week. 
Micron Solutions, a diverse Fitchburg contract manufacturer, announced the deal Tuesday.
First shipments of expanding projectiles were delivered to a licensee of Security Devices International (SDI), a customer of Micron Solutions.
According to a press release, the police agency recently selected a round submitted by SDI produced by Micron Solutions using SDI’s patented collapsible head technology.
The police agency north of the border required a projectile that “featured a collapsible expandable gel-nose head with an expander piston arrangement that will absorb and disperse energy over a wider impact area.”
Micron Solutions and SDI will now provide the RCMP with 150,000 rounds over a three-year period with an option for an additional two-year period. 
In a statement, Micron Solutions’ President and CEO Salvatore Emma said the demand for non-lethal devices is growing due to increasing civil unrest around the world. 
The new patented projectile could soon replace stun guns, Emma said.