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Taxation never ceases being an issue in any political campaign at any level.  Two recent reports – one in the Boston Globe and another at Forbes – addressed the issue of which tax levy is better policy: the income tax, which comes out of our paychecks, or a consumption tax, which is like a sales tax on goods sold, but could also include services or a “value added” levy at different stages of production or distribution. Those who advocate a consumption tax with a cut in or drop of an income levy believe it would allow workers to keep more of their money but make them think hard about how they spend it. Those who feel otherwise question whether a sales or consumption tax disproportionately favors the rich, unless those who are not at higher income levels receive some kind of tax rebate or credit. Massachusetts has both an income tax (5.15 percent) and a sales tax on goods (6.25 percent). Which tax would you like to see raised or lowered?
Which tax policy action for Massachusetts would you favor?
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