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Raw market intelligence, supercharged

Nothing strikes more at the heart of what business journals do than our lists. The ultimate goal for us to our audience is to provide the necessary market intelligence for businesses to navigate the economy, their competition and the regulatory landscape. In our regular bi-weekly issues, we do this by writing stories with context and background so businesswomen and businessmen can follow trends, look to others as examples, steer clear of potential landmines and know anything and everything about the Central Massachusetts landscape where they operate. Our bi-weekly issues also include a regular list, a compilation of raw data about organizations and the market, where readers can get just the facts and derive their own conclusions.

Put all these lists together in one packet – along with a handful of others we feel are pertinent to the Central Massachusetts business community – and you get 43 lists of pure, raw data in one awesome Book of Lists. This publication is meant to sit around for years to come, as researchers, CEOs and employees can scour these pages six months, six years and six decades from now to learn about the Central Massachusetts landscape and how it has evolved over the years. Want to know which year the 10th largest manufacturer in the region was founded? Who is the largest caterer that serves exclusively barbecue? Which public relations agencies offer social media services? The contact person of every chamber of commerce in the region? That is all in here.

Because of the significant staying power of the Book of Lists, we have traditionally stayed away from many of the elements we use in bi-weekly issues, wanting to stay strictly with the facts for this publication. However, as readers habits have evolved, we too are changing the way we present information in this Book of Lists. We are expanding on a concept we took with the 2015 Book of Lists, where we put nuggets of additional important and entertaining information next to certain entries in the various lists. This year, we are putting additional information with all the lists, including more nuggets, charts about the various industries in the list, previous Worcester Business Journal stories showing a turning point in a company or industry in the last 12 months, and originally reported stories revealing where companies and industries are headed.

Despite the changes, this new-look Book of Lists still contains the heart of what has made this publication so relevant to the business community over the years. That is raw market intelligence, packed tightly together and designed to be a tool for business leaders for years to come.

-Brad Kane, editor

Each list can be downloaded in an Excel format. Go to the Worcester Business Journal Data Center for more information.

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