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Print Edition | International Trade

Coming to Worcester: The city's immigrant population has shifted in the last decade

For a century starting in the 1870s, immigrants moving into Worcester almost exclusively came from Europe and North America. That's no longer the case.
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Solomon Pond Mall announces Old Navy, toy store openings

There will be three brand new stores at Solomon Pond Mall later this month, just in time for the holiday shopping season.
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Print Edition | Construction

City of Immigrants: Foreign-born residents have unusually large impact on Worcester's economy

Immigrants in Worcester are more likely than native citizens to start their own business and have bachelor's degrees, giving them a disproportionate share of the economy.
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Rocco's Doughnut Co. partners with Table Talk on pie doughnuts

Rocco's Doughnut Company in Millbury has taken a page out of Wormtown Brewery's book and partnered with Worcester manufacturer Table Talk Pies.
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Print Edition | Education

Helping immigrant businesses: Foreign-born entrepreneurs aren't as familiar with their available resources

A focus group found foreign-born entrepreneurs weren't as connected as they could be to resources. The city and its partners say helping such businesses is a priority.
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Government & Politics

Mass. gas prices down 5 cents

Gas prices in Massachusetts dropped five cents this week to $2.74 per gallon.